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The Sinet Team stands for a set ideology — developing ourselves and the world around us — that brings together a number of companies and non-profit organizations. The term “Sinet Team” dates back to 1999, when the company SakhaInternet, or Sinet for short, was established in Yakutsk, the coldest city in the world, located in North-Eastern Siberia.

The unifying basis for the Sinet Team is its mission:

We develop ourselves and the world around us. We are developists.

Development is a key vector in life: a positive and powerful driving force. For us, development is just as organic, essential and intrinsic as the air we breathe. We, as people, are continuously growing, professionally and personally, and we help others to do the same. Through new technologies, we develop what is important to us. Building something vast and brilliant that is of use to many people in areas where there previously was nothing – that is the Sinet way!

Our values

People come first

The team, the people in it and their motivations and talents are what determine the company’s success. To be a strong team, close-knit and motivated. To create a comfortable working environment, to support strong performers. When it comes to clients, it is all about client-centricity. And this is not meant in the sense that "the customer is always right", but in the sense that we must deeply understand the values and needs of our users. Leveraging this understanding helps us to benefit them as much as we can, and that is more important than profits. To always maintain a high level of empathy within the team and with clients.

Openness and mutual support

To lead by example, to do no evil

Personal growth and development

A positive attitude and lust for life


Efficiency is achieving the best possible results, sustainable in the long term, investing the optimal amount of financial resources and time.

Common sense and intelligence



Fast communication, flexibility


Integrity means that words and actions must be inseparable from values.

Commitment and engagement

Honesty and direct feedback


Courage and initiative

Sinet Team companies and projects: